MIUM Standard

Start application by slowly dabbing or scattering MIUM on thin hair areas


with MIUM Blazer

Use the brandnew MIUM blazer to spray the makeup precisely on the desired areas

In the case of bigger surfaces, it is necessary to distribute it from the back to the front. It is recommended to apply only a little bit of MIUM. If the effect will not be sufficient enough, it will be possible to repeat the process.


After the application, it is recommended to run the hands through the hair in order to distribute and to unfurl MIUM. Due to its unique formula and due to the correct use of natural ingredients, MIUM is able to adapt to the hair; and in the case of a correct utilization MIUM will not be recognized. Additionally it is absolutely mild to the hair and to the skin.

After the application of MIUM, the utilization of a hair spray is recommended – as consequence a better hold will be promised.

MIUM sticks steady in your hair – even in the case of wind and light rain. Sportive activities will not be a problem for the use of MIUM. During the shower, MIUM will leave residue-free your hairs!

A simple utilization, natural appearance and natural ingredients of 100 % - this characterizes the uniqueness of MIUM:

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